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Image the extra freedom you will enjoy on your holiday on Bali, knowing that your children are in the care of a professional and kind nanny. Our nannies will take care of your children at the hotel while you are out, or accompany you wherever you choose to go on Bali, and keep your children save and entertained, enabling you to focus on what you came to Bali for: Enjoying a wonderful vacation !

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Click on the button below to obtain an online quotation for our Holiday Nanny Services and to view the nannies that are available for your holiday. After having received the quotation you can pay a deposit and fill in which nanny you prefer. Your booking will be instantly confirmed.

Why Book with Us

Vinkje We are the oldest Holiday Nanny Services agency on Bali since 2008
Vinkje Western Management
English speaking staff and nannies
Very flexible working hours. The nanny works when you need them.
Vinkje 2000+ Bookings Serviced since 2010
Vinkje 200+ Testimonials !
Vinkje No forfeit of deposit. Pay only for service delivered
Vinkje Short notice bookings possible
Vinkje Fixed prices
Vinkje Online booking with instant confirmation
Vinkje Our nannies are trained in First Aid and CPR at BIMC Bali
First Aid and CPR at BIMC Bali